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food booth at the shrimp festival 
Shrimp Fest is all about good food, good times, music, crafts and fine art. Sunlight glittered off the Gulf of Mexico during the four days of the 2007 National Shrimp Festival. Organizers said this year may have been the best turnout in the event's history.

While the Shrimp Festival's seafood dishes served up along the boardwalk continued to draw thousands of hungry folks, other attractions also brought in visitors. Some people come every year for tropical and nautical themed art and decorative accessories for both their inland homes and condos at the beach. 

The festival is held each year at Gulf Place, the public beach area in Gulf Shores where Hwy 59 dead-ends at the Beach Hwy. 

seafood dinner shrimp dinner plate
 shrimp cooking contest enjoying a shrimp fest meal

There is a Festival food contest where the different food vendors submit a sample dish for judging. 

shrimp-fest-2007-girls.jpg (30041 bytes)    shrimp-fest-2007-skinny-lady.jpg (12747 bytes)    shrimp-fest-2007-pregnant-lady.jpg (23116 bytes)

All sorts of folks come to Shrimp Festival at Gulf Place in Gulf Shores, the bright, the ultra thin and the soon-to-be-moms.

shrimp-fest-2007-people.jpg (25221 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-blonde.jpg (12195 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-couple.jpg (17659 bytes)

shrimp-fest-2007-food-alley.jpg (39386 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-food-booths.jpg (38840 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-food-booths-from-west.jpg (36763 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-grandmother.jpg (14207 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-art-hair.jpg (17774 bytes)

shrimp-fest-2007-face-art-1.jpg (15241 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-face-art-2.jpg (7686 bytes)

shrimp-fest-2007-beach-painting.jpg (23684 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-steven-dark-head.jpg (17835 bytes)

A climbing wall, crafts, rides and entertainment especially for children are at the West End of the Shrimp Festival. 

shrimp-fest-2007-childrens-activity.jpg (39947 bytes)

shrimp-fest-2007-children-play.jpg (22746 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-childrens-rock-wall.jpg (30132 bytes)


shrimp-fest-2007-fish-sculpture.jpg (55844 bytes)
Fine Arts & Crafts are always a big hit at Shrimp Fest.

2007-shrimp-lady-artist.jpg (20023 bytes)  shrimp-fest-2007-art-booth.jpg (28394 bytes) 

2007-shrimp-fest-pottery.jpg (15478 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-art-vessel.jpg (10290 bytes)

 shrimp-fest-2007-art-ribbon.jpg (23890 bytes)

shrimp-fest-2007-carved-fish.jpg (20738 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-art-booth-3.jpg (33230 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-art-booth-2.jpg (29857 bytes) 2007-shrimp-fest-fountain.jpg (30836 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-glass-creations.jpg (31677 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-jean-mckee-williams.jpg (29875 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-williams-painting.jpg (52564 bytes) 

shrimp-fest-2007-lloyd-hinze.jpg (31316 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-nautical-theme-booth.jpg (34744 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-palm-tree-signs.jpg (40757 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-scott-blackwell.jpg (23759 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-steven-dark-head.jpg (17835 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-wood-signs.jpg (37158 bytes)

 shrimp-festival-2007-art-booth.jpg (43758 bytes) shrimp-festival-2007-pottery.jpg (20647 bytes)

This gal was having so much fun that she was doing a little dance !

shrimp-fest-2007-tshirt.jpg (16548 bytes) shrimp-fest-2007-poster-tent.jpg (38369 bytes)
The poster tent did a big business and the T-shirts sold out.

Ron Arnold, who directs the fine arts booths for the festival, said the Shrimp Festival's reputation as an arts venue is growing.

"We're in the top 20 for the South in fine arts and crafts and 72 in the top 200 nationwide," he said. "We really have some outstanding artists this year."

shrimp-fest-2007-mother-child-beach.jpg (16951 bytes)

Warm weather, warm water and beautiful white sugar sand are the perfect setting for this outdoor festival.  shrimp-fest-2007-beach-chairs.jpg (21442 bytes)

Thanks everyone, staff and volunteers for making this year's Shrimp Festival so much fun !

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