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Photos: West Beach in Gulf Shores Beach House Damage from Hurricane Ivan
Take a stroll along West Beach--I started across from my home on Little Lagoon. I wanted to see what had caused so much debris to end up in our yard. I found a large number of homes to be totally missing and many others  to have bad damage on West Beach. I am including the photos of both the Hurricane Ivan damaged and undamaged, so hopefully you can spot the beach house you are looking for (or where it WAS). For the sake of speed, these photos are unedited totally, the horizon will be crooked in some cases, just tilt your head :o)

west-beach-house-ivan087.jpg (24523 bytes) I began across from our place which is just barely visible across Little Lagoon and I walked Eastward, snapping photos as I went. There are a lot of photos on these pages, I hope you have high speed Internet Access ! Otherwise, go make a cup of coffee while they load.






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These photos of the damage that Hurricane Ivan inflicted on our wonderful community were heartbreaking to take. So many homes lost, so many that will have to be torn down. It was an educational experience also. I learned that cross braces may not look so great but they certainly helped keep some homes standing. Vinyl siding is not a good idea on the beach. Ground floor rooms are certain to be blown out and increase the likely hood that the whole house will come down. There really does seem to be a difference in the quality of the structures built, even amongst the very new ones. I think it would be wise to investigate the track record of any builder you hire or of any home you consider buying. Hurricane shutters that are already mounted on a home and can be easily closed by one person in less than an hour are a must, or use windows with impact glass. Better quality windows and doors hold up better.

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