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Free Printable Golf Christmas Cards

We are pleased to offer you these printable Christmas greeting cards. These unique Christmas cards give you two options for an inside greeting or you can leave the inside blank and write your own. We hope you enjoy these Golf Christmas cards.


Free Printable Xmas Cards
Both cards have a Christmas golf theme. The horizontal greeting card on the right has a wreath with traditional Christmas reds and greens and a wooden figure of a golf player in an Argyle sweater swinging a driver. The wreath also has starbursts made from golf tees, clubs, golf balls, a flag, and a silver golf trophy. The Christmas greeting card on the left has a more Southern golf theme. The casually dressed putter is wearing a teal golf shirt, and khakis, on the left is a palm tree and flamingo and along the bottom, hidden in the underbrush is an alligator. There are also golf tee starbursts, golf balls, a flag, trophies, golf shores and clubs. Both cards print on standard 8 x 11 card stock or cover weight paper.
See additional info on papers and printing below.

Just click on the card to open it in your browser, ready to print. 
Then click on the desired inside greeting, flip your card over and print. 

Southern Golf
Christmas Card

Prints Vertical
Click the Photo Below to Open & Print

Tartan Golf
Christmas Card

Prints Horizontal 
Click the Photo Below to Open & Print

Free Printable Xmas Cards

Inside Greetings for Southern Golf Card

Click the Boxes Below to Open & Print

Inside Greetings for
Tartan Golf Card

Click the Boxes Below to Open & Print

Xmas Cards to Print Free Printable Xmas Cards
Xmas Cards to Print
Free Printable Xmas Cards

You may need to do a bit of experimentation with your particular printer to get the best print. Generally, in the print dialog box that opens when you begin the print operation, you can locate various options such as 'fit to page' 'center' , etc...Try printing with the default settings, but if things are not well centered, you may need to change some settings. In our experiments on a Canon i550 and Canon ip3000, these Golf Christmas Cards print well centered and with the correct margins.  

We get the best results with Georgia-Pacific Image Plus Card Stock, currently available at Sam's Club and office supply stores. It is very inexpensive and makes a good print on a nice bright, crisp heavy weight card stock. 

ENVELOPES: You can purchase inexpensive white 5 x 8 inch envelopes in boxes of 50 at discount stores like Wal-Mart in the office supplies department. Any office supply store will have them too. See www.ampad.com for more info. The larger stores will have color envelopes too. These Christmas cards can be mailed for standard postage. 

Golfers in Florida and Tropical areas will appreciate the free printable Southern themed Golf Christmas Card. Making Christmas cards has long been a fun family activity and with our two choices, and four inside greetings, we hope one of them will be perfect for you. 

christmas card to print

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free printable golf christmas cards
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